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Kate Blanchard

Teach For America
MD, Learner Variability and Special Education Initiative
Kate Blanchard is the Managing Director of the Learner Variability and Special Education Initiative at Teach For America. The Initiative works to propel Teach For America staff and participants forward in their leadership development for systems change and educational equity – particularly when it comes to addressing ableism, and the ways in which it intersects with racism, classism, and other forms of systemic oppression. Kate collaborates with internal and external partners and advocates on disability justice, the neuroscience and theory behind Learner Variability and Universal Design for Learning, and the mindsets, knowledge, and skills leaders need to use the system of special education as a tool of empowerment, rather than a tool of oppression.

Kate has worked in education for more than a decade. She started as an elementary special education teacher in Las Vegas and then moved in teacher coaching, teacher preparation, and special education systems. Kate holds a Juris Doctor, a Master’s degree in Special Education, and a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature. She currently resides in Omaha, Nebraska.