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Eddy F. Alvarez

Eddy Francisco Alvarez Jr., is an Assistant Professor in the Departments of Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies and University Studies at Portland State University. His research interests include queer Latinx and Chican@ performance and aesthetics, queer sonic archives, popular culture, queer oral histories, and critical feminist geographies. His is currently working on a book manuscript titled Finding Sequins in the Rubble: Mapping Jotería in Los Angeles, and a project on queer Latinx Gloria Trevi fans.

"Unruly Hair, Unruly Subjects: Gloria Trevi Queer and Feminist Latinx Fans"
Dubbed the “Mexican Madonna” throughout the 1990s,Trevi was incarcerated in 1999, along with her manager, for corruption of minors and kidnapping, all charges of which she was absolved. In 2004, she was released from prison and made a comeback with her album “Como Nace el Universo” featuring “En medio de la tempestad” (In the midst of the Tempest”) a song about overcoming challenges. In 2007, her single, “todos me miran” (“everyone looks at me”) about patriarchy, gender performance, oppression and liberation, became an international sensation and an anthem to the gay community. Trevi was able to show that despite her troubles with the law, she was still a success and her fans were loyal. Among those fans are queer, trans and feminist folks, who have felt empowered by Trevi’s lyrical content and by her strength and resilience. In this talk, I discuss how the impact of Trevi’s music and performances on these “unruly” fans.