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José G. Anguiano is an Assistant Professor in the Honors College and the Department of Chicana/o and Latina/o Studies at California State University, Los Angeles. Dr. Anguiano is a cultural studies scholar with a primary focus in listeners and audiences of popular music. Dr. Anguiano’s research documents how popular music links communities of listeners across time and space, and how listening can be an active and creative form of claiming space, citizenship, and respect.

"Chulita Vinyl Club: Curating Culture, Remixing Gender Norms"
The Chulita Vinyl Club was launched in December 2014 as an all-girl, all-vinyl club for self-identifying womxn of color. The female DJ collective spans 7 chapters across California and Texas. Recent scholarship by Oliver Wang continues to suggest that while women are involved in most music scenes, their participation as DJs is historically limited to a few key exceptions. I argue in this paper that the Chulita vinyl club not only opens a space for women to take control of the DJ both/turntables but also places them in a position to have the power to curate what music matters to the Latinx community. They exercise and hone this power by tapping into collective forms of listening. The collective does not have a fixed set of genres played at events and instead allows individual DJs to develop their set mixes based on their own vinyl collections, local preferences and audience requests. In this paper, I focus on how DJs build their vinyl collections collectively and build a different type of community with music and vinyl.